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The Reason I became a Counselor

Helping People Overcome Life's Hurts

Hello! I'm Dr. Christine, and what I love most about my work is that I get to be a catalyst for positive change and growth. I count it a privilege to be invited into the lives of people and help them reach places they never dreamed possible.

A Fresh Start To Health & Well-Being

1:1 Counseling

For those that believe in hope..

Sessions where we uncover the habits & thoughts that are in the way of a healthy relationship with your mind & body.

Couples Counseling

For couples that believe..

You want to curb your growing pains and discover a healthier perspective + learn to connect and bond to eachother.

1:1 Coaching

For individuals that seek more..

Work side-by-side to create an intentional and exclusive plan for your career, business, sport, or life.

What to Expect from Counseling?

I typically meet with you together for the first session.

What happens in counseling?

I know it takes a lot of courage to walk into a counseling office. That's why I strive to create a private and safe place where you feel comfortable sharing your hurts and difficulties. I realize it's hard to be vulnerable in front of a new counselor, so count on me to be encouraging and empathic as I help you articulate what you are facing so we can get to the heart of the issue. I listen, ask questions, and help you set goals for counseling. We are a team, working together, side by side. Take the first step and reach out to me for a private and confidential conversation about how I can assist you in meeting your counseling needs. FREE counseling Scottsdale consultation call.

Counseling Therapy

A Fresh Start - A Healthier You

Traumatic Experiences & Memories

Chris was sleep-deprived and had frequent episodes.
Licensed and specializing in Trauma, I utilize EMDR as it is highly effective. Often times I see a positive change and the mindset towards trauma and your relationship with your body. Happy to say that, Chris sleeps better and rarely has trauma episodes. I'm super proud of him!
Trauma Therapy
Trauma Therapist

Not Sure Where To Start?

If you are dealing with past or present hurt, painful experiences, or guilt and shame, counseling may be beneficial. 1st Call is always 100% FREE!

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If you have any questions I'd love to
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