About Me

Dr. Christine

Hello and Welcome!

I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor who offers individual, couple, and group counseling, all delivered with professionalism, sensitivity, and insight. My experience in helping people find healing has spanned over 20 years and is highly effective.

Get Healthy And Vibrant for Good

What I'm abe to assist with
I counsel those who struggle with anxiety, depression, grief, loss, and relational issues. Divorce recovery and/or blended family support is also an area in which I assist my clients. I havea special expertise in working with partners of sex addicts. I also provides counseling within a Christian context, yet can work with anyone from other belief systems. My desires is to bring hope to what oftentimes feels like despairing situations.

Peak Performance Consulting

Life and career coaching, or sport and business.
I also work collaboratively with individuals, groups and teams who desire life and career coaching, or sport and business peak performance consulting. Working side-by-side with clients to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. I provide supportive environment so clients can deepen their understanding of themselves, as well as work on who they want to become as human beings. Committed to my clients, I desire nothing more than helping them realize their greatest potential.

Writer and Speaker

Hope. Purpose. Vision.
As a writer and speaker, I enjoy communicating messages of hope, inspiration, and motivation. My personal stories of hardship and prosperity make me, genuinely transparent and relatable. Speaking to television and radio audiences, women’s community functions, business meetings, or church gatherings, I share on topics such as healthy emotional living, life success strategies, and spiritual matters.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor

My Professional Certificates

Christine holds a Doctorate degree in psychology from Grand Canyon University. She holds a Master’s degree in counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in communication from Arizona State University.

Christine’s experience in helping people find healing has spanned over 20 years.