Christian Counseling

Faith-based Counseling and Christian Counseling

Many people choose to work with counselors who approach counseling with a faith-based perspective.

Research indicates that when a counseling treatment plan takes into consideration the client’s worldview, including spiritual beliefs, the relationship or “therapeutic alliance” is strengthened and other positive outcomes occur (Koenig, 2004; McMinn, 2011). Christian Counselors have the unique advantage of being able to approach issues holistically based on three dimensions---body, mind and spirit. The greatest gift of Christian counseling is finding the healing power through Jesus Christ.

What To Expect

What to expect from Christian counseling/what happens in Christian counseling.
While working with me as your therapist, expect to be treated with dignity regardless of your faith or lack thereof. You are a valuable human being of great worth. I partner with you in your healing journey with this in mind. I aim to build you up, speak the truth in love, foster transformation and provide grace.

Why Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling can offer healing that is life changing. Christian counseling can bring you into a closer relationship with God where hope for true healing can take place. It can help you realize that you aren’t traveling life’s journey alone.

Why Christian Counseling with Dr. Christine Bielinski?
Whether you are a Christian or not, I view you, like God does, as a loved, valued, and precious person of God. I offer a safe and non-judgmental space where your hurt and pain can be shared. Coming to counseling takes a lot of courage. I recognize this and we will work hard to help you find the peace, growth and healing that you desire. God has a process for taking us from a broken, hurting, dysfunctional state (such as with depression and anxiety) and restoring us so that we can live functionally again.
Will you pray or read the Bible during our session?
Again, I will not impose my beliefs or practices upon you. I will only pray or utilize Scripture if you request it. We will make it a part of your counseling experience only if you are comfortable, open and desire these practices.
Is your practice connected to a church?
No, I am not affiliated with any particular church or denomination. I partner with several churches and offer my counseling services to their members in the Scottsdale/Phoenix areas. I also provide Skype sessions for my out of town clients. My counsel may differ from what a pastor or lay counselor provides. While pastors and lay counselors are trained in providing support and guidance, they lack the professional expertise of a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), such as with myself. Many pastors, ministry leaders, and lay therapists refer people to me because I am a licensed professional and provide counsel for the deeper psychological and emotional issues.

How To Prepare For Christian Counseling

Sometimes clients feel nervous about Christian counseling. As your therapist, I will work hard to make you feel comfortable. I strive to create a safe place so that you can explore past hurts, present difficulties, future endeavors and spiritual matters and reach your goals for counseling. I count it an honor and privilege to work with people who are oftentimes in a very vulnerable position when they seek counseling.

Pray and seek God’s guidance. The Holy Spirit provides the wisdom we need to make the important decisions in our life, such as with seeking Christian counseling services in Scottsdale. Please call me at 602.399.4699 for a private and confidential discussion about how I can meet your christian counseling Scottsdale needs.