Being in a relationship has its fair share of challenges. For one, you need more than just love to strengthen your partnership and make it for the long term. Patience is without a doubt one of the most critical virtues in any relationship. Here are a few tips on how to be more tolerant in a relationship.

How to be More Tolerant in a Relationship

How to be More Tolerant in a Relationship

If you find yourself struggling to tolerate your partner, you’re not alone. Improving your communication skills, including listening, can help you improve your patience and understanding towards your partner. Here we will cover some of the bases from Counseling that can help improve your relationship.

Get to Know Your Partner Better

Being in a fruitful relationship requires you to know your partner as an individual rather than merely a partner. You must be willing to learn about their character, both strengths and weaknesses. Understanding your partner’s character makes it easier for you to learn how to be more naturally patient with them.

Accept their Flaws

We all have inherent flaws because nobody’s perfect. As such, it’s crucial that you accept your partner with your whole heart. Everyone has limitations and you cannot push someone to go beyond their limits. You also want to look at your partner’s areas of limitations, so you can help turn them into strengths.

Let Your Partner Know You Too

Patience is a two-way street. So aside from understanding your partner, your partner should also work towards understanding and knowing you too. Your partner can only be patient with you when they know your character and understand you as a person.


Communication has a critical role to play in helping partners become more patient with each other. Spare time to discuss matters that are important to both of you, whether they’re joint plans, individual aspirations, or problems. The trick here is to lay any issues on the table and ask each other’s opinions and suggestions. You may not always agree on issues, but discussing and listening to each other’s opinions helps you to develop more patience and tolerance.


Listening may be tough, especially if you’re the more dominant one in the relationship, but it’s crucial that you learn how to listen to your partner. Listening also refers to understanding what your partner is saying and how they hold dear to their insights. You may not always have to agree with every decision your partner makes, but you learn how to be more patient when you become more trusting and giving to their choices.

Allow Your Partner to Be Himself or Herself

Part of learning how to be patient with each other in a relationship is to allow yourself and your partner to become your natural selves. It’s common for anyone in a relationship to put their best foot forward always, but you don’t want your partner to have to keep doing that as it makes the relationship more difficult.

Bottom Line

Patience is a virtue that you can learn over time and be more tolerant. Dr. Christine Bielinski recommends working towards your relationship, and trusting your partner to do the same. Before you know it, you and your partner will achieve a lot of feats and learn how to be more tolerant in a relationship. Counseling can be good for couples who think they may need outside help, as well as couples who may not believe they need to talk with a professional.