Love and respect are the key pillars of a successful marriage. For most men, however, honoring their wives is a vow they forget to enact. It is a common misconception that ladies only require love while men need respect. Nothing could be further from the truth. Honoring your wife can add new vigor into your marriage. So, don’t know how to honor your wife? You can honor your wife by being faithful and honest to her, supporting her dreams and helping her around the house among other things.

How to Honor Your Wife

How to Honor Your Wife

Be Faithful to Her

The number one way to honor your wife is to be committed to her in love. Never get swayed by the beauty of other women. Never make your wife feel inadequate by comparing her with other women. Stay monogamous, and she will adore you back.

Serve Her

Service is a sign of humility and appreciation. You can honor your wife by being ready to put her interests above yours. There are many things you could do to show service to her, including washing her car, sending her a sweet text message in the middle of the day or making her dinner. Assist her in the daily management of domestic duties.

Support Her Vision

Share her dreams and show interest when she talks about her aspirations, progress or regress. Support and motivate her to achieve her goals. No matter what her dreams are about, be it yoga, cooking classes or home décor, try and show some interest. Listening will help strengthen your appreciation for your wife – it is fodder for a happy marriage.

Be Kind to Her

Men have a particular way of speaking that can come out unintentionally unkind. It is in your tone and your choice of words. You will cause her a lot of hurt if you don’t weigh your thoughts before articulating them. Speak politely.

Talk to Her

Women need to talk, and their desire for communication is sometimes even stronger than a man’s urge for sex. You can honor your wife by being ready to listen when she needs to talk. That means listening without judgment. It also means turning off your phone and avoiding distractions during the conversation.

Spend More Time with Her

Everybody is busy. It is the nature of life in a capitalistic world. Nonetheless, it would help if you never were too busy for your wife. You show honor and love for your wife when you make her a priority on your schedule. Cuddle with her a little longer in the morning, call her from work and bring her a rose in the evening.

Constantly Pursue Her

For most guys, the chase stops after they settle down. That is why for many dating is interesting more than marriages. You can honor your wife by continually giving her the very best of yourself. Be romantic and charming all throughout.

Stand by Her

No matter what, don’t give up on her. Believe in her through the beautiful and the ugly that life throws at you both. Let your love and commitment for her be unconditional and unshakable. She married you because she knew you would stand by her and fight for her through life struggles. You can honor her by always being reliable and supportive.

Bottom Line

Don’t know how to honor your wife? It is the simple things that matter when it comes to treating your wife with love and respect. Experts such as Dr. Christine Bielinski suggest to be loving, kind and faithful to her, be a good listener and support her dreams, and you’ll be honoring your wife. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you and your wife may need external help, consider talking to professionals to bring the spark back to your marriage.