Performance Psychology

Personal Performance Coaching

Are you looking for peak performance, mental edge, composure, confidence, purpose or inspiration? Then I have a game plan tailored especially for you.

• I will help you identify what's important, and work with you to develop a road map for getting you to your destination. Informed by the latest research in performance and sport psychology, you gain mental tactics and methods that work for your success, on your own terms.

• I am committed to you. Our work together is collaborative. My consulting is based on your needs and objectives, and the benefits and outcomes you want.

• Through a very comprehensive discovery process, together we will explore your values, purposes and goals and work side-by-side to create an intentional and exclusive plan for your career, business, sport, or life.

Career Coaching For Individuals & Graduates

Are you looking for confidence, clarity, goal attainment, career momentum, emotional intelligence or wisdom?

I offer Career Coaching for individuals who may need confirmation that they are in the right career, for individuals who are thinking about making a career change, are seeking new employment, are returning to work, or just now stepping into the work world.

Be prepared to:
• Assess where you are and where you want to go
• Develop strategies to get you there
• Gain assistance in creating a new resume and writing a cover letter
• Leverage your strengths and further strengthen your shortcomings
• Learn how to network and utilize your circle of family, friends, and colleagues to find employment
• Acquire excellent interviewing skills and learn how to ask powerful questions
• Develop the mental toughness skills to overcome rejection
• Build your confidence, and more.

Graduate Coaching

I have a special focus on working with college-age students and graduates on making some of their first big life choices and changes:

• Explore what aspirations are right for you
•Complete career assessments to assist in job decision-making
•Develop successful resume writing and job interviewing skills
•Plan for the future
•Make decisions and transition successfully

There is no better graduation gift than the gift of discernment with a student's future.

Executive Coaching For Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for peak performance, mental agility, leadership prowess, balances priorities, goal attainment, or emotional intelligence?

Lead with influence. Fulfill your potential. Leverage your strengths. Transform into the leader and manager you want to be. Personal executive coaching delivers results. Whether you are working solo, or you are amongst many, it's advantageous to have someone on your team, cheering you on, helping you make adjustments, and congratulating you on your successes. An executive coach can serve as a sounding board, help you modify behavior, and challenge you to dig deeper to gain greater insight into what impedes maximum performance and influence.

Be prepared to gain all or some of the following:
• Develop your leadership abilities and gain greater influence
• Improve interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills
• Move beyond self-imposed limitations
• Execute winning business strategies
• Set and attain peak performance goals
• Improve decision-making skills, and more.

Company Sponsored Executive Coaching

I work with companies that choose to invest in Company Sponsored Executive Coaching for their high-potential employees or those needing to improve their leadership or management skills. Our coach will meet with the client and company sponsor (usually a senior executive or VP) to openly discuss the desired outcome of executive coaching.

Sports Performance Psychology For Individuals & Teams

Are you looking for peak performance, mental toughness, motivation, attention & focus, goal attainment, or positive self talk?

Leverage your strengths, overcome obstacles, and compete with a mentally tough mind and passionate, warrior attitude. You may be at your best physically, but are you performing at your best mentally? Whether you are an individual performer or part of a team, sport and performance psychology consulting can help you achieve optimal performance. I am informed by the latest research in sport and performance psychology. I deliver methods and tactics that help you overcome challenges and welcome opportunities to achieve higher and more consistent levels of performance.

Be prepared to gain all or some of the following:
• Develop mental toughness.
• Attain greater focus and concentration.
• Manage anxiety.
• Increase motivation.
• Acquire techniques and the dialogue for positive self-talk.
• Develop mental imagery and visualization practices.
• Manage arousal levels--those too high or too low for practice and competition.
• Compete in your optimal zone with flow.
• Manage outside pressures from teammates, coaches, & parents.
• Reduce burnout and staleness and more.

Sports Performance Psychology For Teams, Groups & Coaching Staff

Build team cohesion, learn and grow in peak performance training, and develop winning strategies as a team or group. Team mental toughness instruction can be tailored to individual group needs. Imparted in a highly interactive way, seminars and team training invites participation and encourages ways to increase team unity, mental toughness and overall team confidence. Coaches' workshops help coaches hone in on mental game techniques (those described above) that can be used with their athletes. Club-wide training can involve all athletes, coaches, management and parents.

Personal Life Coaching For Individuals & Groups

Are you looking for breakthrough, inspiration, balance, vision, passion, courage, and the best you?

Life Coaching is about positive movement. It is a highly collaborative, dynamic and authentic partnership. It is based on trust and integrity. Coaching empowers you to discover, create and produce the results you want most in your life, powerfully and effectively. Coaching helps you live your life intentionally and on purpose, in the fullest way possible. Learn more about life coaching Scottsdale, with a FREE-consultation call.

Life Coaching | Be Prepared To:

• Increase your enthusiasm and desire to seek and identify your life purposes

• Identify your passions, dreams, strengths, and gifts

• Clarify your values and develop a mission and vision for your life

• Devise a short-term or long-term action plan to set and reach your goals and purposes

• Name your fears, weaknesses, and obstacles and develop strategies for overcoming them

• Create balance in your life; emotionally, physically, mentally, relationally, and spiritually

• Grow confidently into the person you are intended to be, and more.

Speaking For Workshops & Training Sessions

I am a gifted communicator who has experience speaking on television, radio, and in front of large and small audiences. I conduct workshops and training sessions and assist clients on their " œmental game" . I have also shared my expertise on communication skills, conflict resolution tactics, vision and mission development, goal setting, and a plethora of other topics related to performance. Whether it be in the their relationships, in the board room or on the court, I provide tools and strategies to help clients be successful in whatever they endeavor.

Each speaking engagement or workshop can be adjusted for time allowed. I love to create new seminars and topics to speak on and am available to work with you to customize a speaking or training event to meet your individual needs.

Ready To Start?

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