Wouldn’t it be a gift to yourself to have a fellow sojourner walk beside you on a powerfully chosen life path? Wouldn’t it be amazing to know you’ve got someone in your corner, cheering you on, as you make strides toward living a life that you love?  Life coaching is this and more.

Life Coaching Can Change Lives

Coaching is about positive movement. It is a collaborative effort between a coach and client that forwards action and deepens understanding. It is based on trust and integrity. Coaching helps close the gap between who or where you are and who or where you want to be.  It’s about discovery, awareness and choice.  It is a way of effectively empowering you to find your own answers, encouraging and supporting you on the path as you continue to make important decisions.

More specifically, coaching is about:

*Increasing your enthusiasm and desire to seek and identify your life purposes

*Identifying your passions, dreams, strengths, and gifts

*Clarifying your values and developing a mission and vision for your life

*Devising a short-term or long-term action plan to set and reach your goals and purposes

*Naming your fears, weaknesses, and obstacles and develop strategies for overcoming them

*Creating balance in your life—emotionally, physically, mentally, relationally, and spiritually

*Growing confidently into the person you are intended to be

If all this sounds good to you, consider hiring a life coach.  It’s like giving yourself a gift.  I would love to work with you.  If you have more questions, please comment below or email me at christine@christinevince.com.